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    Sioux Falls - Donation Request

    Vern Eide is a proud sponsor of the communities we call home. Each year we donate and sponsor over $300,000 to area charities and organizations. To help us determine which organizations we will support a committee meets on a monthly basis to review requests. If you are interested in your charity or organization receiving funds, please submit your request below.

    In order to facilitate a timely response to your inquiry and to keep things fair amongst all requesters, we have established guidelines to follow when making your request.

    These guidelines must be followed for us to consider your request.

    1. Please submit your request online via the request form on this page.

    2. Requests must be submitted no later than 45 days prior to date needed. Requests needed sooner will not be considered.

    3. Vern Eide is only able to accept one request per organization per year.

    4. Vern Eide’s support of your organization in the past does not guarantee our future support.

    5. Please provide as much information as possible for our committee to review. Links, photos etc. Limited request information may result in a disapproval.

    All donations and sponsorships are subject to Vern Eide’s discretion. Only those requests that meet the above criteria and the Vern Eide Gives committee approves will be granted.

    Requests will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Vern Eide Give's Committee. To check on the status of your request please email

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